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Mission: To offer engineering solutions with process optimization and with best cost benefit.

Values:  Ethics, transparency, Respect life, provide social welfare, produce with environmental sustainability and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Vision:    To be a well Know company in engineering and services with international partnerships.

Goose Engineering is a Brazilian company located in Belo Horizonte.

Founded at a time of difficult national economic scenario, Goose Engineering strongly believes in cost reduction, sustainability and the concept of innovation.

Comprehensive in all industrial segments and with international and national partners, Goose Engineering's proposal is to provide complete engineering solutions, breaking paradigms and customer loyalty.

With a modern and efficient operating structure, and a highly qualified and experienced team, Goose Engineering

operates in any part of the national territory.

Its actions and decisions are guided by a set of principles that aim at the full satisfaction of its clients, taking into account the commitment to the health and safety of those involved, as well as the preservation of the environment and the primacy of competence management.

People, Products and Processes: These are our pillars.

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